The Best Garages are Custom Built

If you're building a new garage, there's no reason to try and make a standard plan work for you. Since 1956, residents in the greater Chicago area have trusted the expertise of Georges Garages to build custom built garages that meet the specific needs of the customer.

Not the Same

Georges Garages is dedicated to the quality, value and durability of the garages we build. While some local builders may rush through the job to get it done, we ensure our customers are happy with the planning and design process. We believe our customers are essential partners in the building of their custom built garage. Whether the purpose of a new is only to house your car or for storing your car, the kids' bikes and your lawnmowers, are all factors we will consider during the design process of your custom garage. Our specialists will come to your home to review the many choices concerning style, functionality and details, and help make decisions which best serve the customer.

Contact Us

If you live in Chicago, Oak Lawn or the surrounding areas, call us to discuss your needs. We will consider it a privilege for us to build a garage you'll be completely happy with for years to come. Georges Garages will handle everything from start to finish. We're the garage builders you can count on!