We Make Building a New Garage Easy

Building a new garage is easy. Sure, it takes planning, know-how and execution, but all YOU need to do to simplify the process is call us. Georges Garages has been building garages in Oak Lawn the greater Chicago area since 1956. Our family-owned business is known for its dedication to quality and our commitment to excellence.

The Importance of a Garage

Consider all the useful projects that started in a garage. Even many now profitable companies began in someone's garage or basement. From restoring that old ‘57 Chevy, to helping your child build a birdhouse on your workbench, a garage is essential for completing your own important projects! Building a new garage for you is our favorite project.

Why Hire Us?

Our custom built garages are designed to meet YOUR needs. We don't prefab them and then hope that will be good enough. We'll work with you to help determine the style and size that best suits and complements your home, and see the entire project through from start to finish. We'll customize your garage to your specifications. We use the best American made materials, and we're the only builder you're likely to find that offers more than the minimum code requirements. These are a just a few reasons why so many of your neighbors have contracted us to build their garages.

We also specialize in garage door sales and service. We are licensed, bonded and insured and offer you low cost financing.